• Auto air conditioning components

    We stock a huge range of auto air conditioning components, including compressors, evaporators, condensers, compressor seals & bearings and receiver dryers. We even stock those rare and hard to find components including coil packs, armatures, and pulleys at the right price.

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  • Auto air conditioning compressors

    We stock genuine and after market compressors for almost every vehicle, truck or machine at a low cost, if it has an engine we will find a compressor for it. We also offer a service that repairs your existing compressor.

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  • Hose + Line Manufacture

    We offer a service that manufactures and/or repairs of all aluminium lines and hoses, metric or imperial.

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  • Custom Airconditioning Systems

    Own vehicle without aircon? Give us a call to discuss options and fitment to your vehicle.

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